Y.M.T.O.I. Little Gems

Below are the worksheets that have been developed to coordinate with the Parsha Pearls. We are also providing links to them here for easy access and reference. Clicking on the arrows in the headings will enable you to sort each column individually.
Parsha No. Parsha Name Title G. Year H. Year
N/A Passover Edition Passover Story 2017 5777
N/A Shavuot Edition Shavuot/Ruth Story 2017 5777
1 Bereshith Creation Story 2017-2018 5778
2 Noach Story of Noach 2017-2018 5778
3 Lech Lecha Story of Abram 2017-2018 5778
4 Vayera Story of Lot 2017-2018 5778
5 Chayei Sarah Story of Yitshaq and Ribqah 2017-2018 5778
6 Toldot Story of Esaw and Ya’aqob 2017-2018 5778