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We broadcast our Shabbat Services live on YouTube starting at 1:15 PM EST every Shabbat.

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We broadcast our Torah Study live on YouTube starting at 7:30 PM EST every Friday.

Parasha Schedule for 5783

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A Youth/Children’s ministry that provides free teaching materials to parents and Sabbath school teachers to assist you in your instruction to train up a child in Torah.

Shavuot 2023

Shavuot is coming! We will be gathering at MTOI Headquarters. Click below for more information.

Audio Scripture Readings

We now have the entire Scriptures in audio recordings. Click below to listen or download them to your device.

Sin - A Breach of Relationship

Put away whatever you may think about the concept of sin. All Judeo-Christian groups teach about sin. They all agree and teach you that you ought not to sin. But do they understand what they are teaching? In this teaching series, Rabbi Steve Berkson once again redefines our lexicon. He sheds new light on this greatly misunderstood but critically important topic from the Word of Elohim.

Latest Teachings

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International Shabbat Q&A

Join Rabbi Steve Berkson as he hosts Q&A sessions with our MTOI international members.

Money Mastery

Learn effective ways to manage your money with Rabbi Steve Berkson. 

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About MTOI

We are dedicated to serving Yahweh as He brings the Body of Messiah together worldwide, facilitating the development of congregations and leadership.

Meet Rabbi Berkson

Born and raised in New York City of the tribe of Judah, Rabbi Berkson is well grounded in Torah and brings a Hebraic understanding to his teachings.

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All of our teachings are provided for free, no fees, no memberships needed. Access via streaming video, audio podcasts, or social media platforms.


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Holy Days

When are the Holy Days? What days do I need to take off from school and work? When and where will the next Holy Day gathering be?

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