Afterburn | SIN – A Breach of Relationship

We recommend watching the full teaching,, before watching this Afterburn.

Some of the topics covered are:
00:00 Is it not right to want to give up some things to please the Father?
02:28 Is it ever okay to sin?
04:54 We are living in a consequence?
06:59 Our target is relationship with Yahweh
22:35 Torah observance with the Fruit of the Spirit
26:29 What is the definition of the ‘sin covering’?
28:09 An “altar call moment”?
36:23 Against whom am I sinning?
45:16 My boundaries are perceived by others as a breach of relationship?
50:09 According to Ezekiel 18, there is no such thing as a “generational curse”?
53:01 Clarifying ‘you shall surely die, or you shall surely live’
54:00 How will the various non-Torah cultures be addressed in the Kingdom?
55:03 Rabbi addresses those who are lazy thinkers

… and much more!

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Afterburn: also known in the fitness world as the “afterburn effect,” simply put, the more intense the exercise, the more oxygen your body consumes afterward.

This effect could occur spiritually after the intense teachings Rabbi Berkson delivers each week. This Afterburn Q&A session allows your mind and soul to consume more understanding (oxygen).

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