Afterburn | The Good & Trustworthy Servant | Part 12 | Trustworthy

We recommend watching the full teaching,, before watching this episode.

Afterburn: also known in the fitness world as the “afterburn effect,” simply put, the more intense the exercise, the more oxygen your body consumes afterward.

This effect could occur spiritually after the intense teachings Rabbi Berkson delivers each week. This Afterburn Q&A session allows your mind and soul to consume more understanding (oxygen).

Some of the topics covered are:
00:00 Intro
00:47 Rational and reasonable
12:17 What about “best friends”?
14:02 We need to know this everyday
19:55 Why do those who don’t acknowledge Yahweh seem blessed?
27:25 Stepping out into the move of Yahweh today
35:20 Maybe I shouldn’t have done that?
37:08 Just do it!
41:31 Would I be causing someone to stumble by doing this?
42:51 Could I have a friend that follows a different calendar?
44:47 Does good and trustworthy = Be fruitful and multiply?
45:26 What are the red flags of erroneous practices
50:31 How do I “guard the commands”?
52:20 How would not mingling with the world affect my work?
53:23 Whom should I call my brother, or not?
57:17 How can we tell if someone/something is leading us away?

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