Peace in a World Not His

If you walk out Torah on some level, but still are afraid, if you panic or have anxiety, if you still worry or are depressed (not clinically), there’s something missing in your walk…what is it? Rabbi Steve Berkson brings into the spotlight how throughout our Bible we are encouraged to have peace. But how? Why do some of us find ourselves lacking peace?

In John 14:27 Yeshua makes a statement of encouragement in where He’s says, “My peace I give you…” and “I do not give to you as the world gives.” How does He give His peace and how do we receive His peace? What does it mean to “stay in Me”?

The phrase “peace from Elohim”, “peace from the Father”, or “peace in Messiah Yeshua”, shows up nineteen times in the Brit Hadasha. Rabbi Berkson wants to address the questions, how do we get it, what prevents us from having it, what disturbs it, and how do we lose our peace?

Additionally, Rabbi Berkson does something in this first part that he has never done in any of his other teachings.

Welcome to another life-changing teaching series from Rabbi Steve Berkson and MTOI.