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Peace/Shalom in a World Not His20200425April 25, 2020Get Teaching
The End of the World As We Know It (COVID-19 service 1)20200321March 21, 2020Get Teaching
Forgiveness, Resolution, Reconciliation, & Restoration20200314March 14, 2020Get Teaching
Straight to The Point (extended Q&A)20200215February 15, 2020Get Teaching
Darkness & Light20200208February 8, 2020Get Teaching
Honor & Shame20191026October 26, 2019Get Teaching
Covenant Community 101: Are You Covenanted?20190904September 4, 2019Get Teaching
The Sound of the Shofar20181010October 10, 2018Get Teaching
Covenant Community 101: Are You Saved?20180822August 22, 2018Get Teaching
Shavuot – The Launching Point20180530May 30, 2018Get Teaching
Covenant Community 101: What Are You Thinking?20180411April 11, 2018Get Teaching
Covenant Community 101: Tithing20180117January 17, 2018Get Teaching
Covenant Community 101: Endure and Receive the Crown of Life20171220December 20, 2017Get Teaching
Are You Listening?20171025October 25, 2017Get Teaching
Covenant Community 101: Shabbat20171018October 18, 2017Get Teaching
Covenant Community 101: Unity & Division in the Body of Messiah20170906September 6, 2017Get Teaching
Covenant Community 101: Intro to the Appointed Times of Yahweh20170705July 5, 2017Get Teaching
Covenant Community 101: Get Out the Leaven20170621June 21, 2017Get Teaching
Covenant Community 101: Discovering Your Identity20170601June 1, 2017Get Teaching
Covenant Community 101: The Journey Begins20170308March 8, 2017Get Teaching
Covenant Community 101: C.C. Introduction20170301March 1, 2017Get Teaching
The Heart of the Matter20170222February 22, 2017Get Teaching
Understanding the Ruach/Spirit20160824August 24, 2016Get Teaching
Baptism of Fire20160629June 29, 2016Get Teaching
Leaving Egypt: The Journey to the Forever Kingdom20160511May 11, 2016Get Teaching
Leaving Egypt: Passing Through the Water20160504May 4, 2016Get Teaching
To He Who Overcomes20160210February 10, 2016Get Teaching
The Fear of Yahweh20151031October 31, 2015Get Teaching
No Other Name20151010October 10, 2015Get Teaching
What Is Worship?20150711July 11, 2015Get Teaching
Shavuot – From Sinai to the Upper Room20150524May 24, 2015Get Teaching
Divorce, Remarriage & Putting Away20150509May 9, 2015Get Teaching
Do You Know the Father & the Son?20150425April 25, 2015Get Teaching
Making Decisions…the Reason You Exist20150418April 18, 2015Get Teaching
Where Are We Going?20150411April 11, 2015Get Teaching
Beware False Prophets20150303March 3, 2015Get Teaching
Tahor & Tamei – What State Are You In?20150109January 9, 2015Get Teaching
The Pursuit of Righteousness20141228December 28, 2014Get Teaching
Intro to Our Ministry – Our Focus & Core Teaching Concepts20141216December 16, 2014Get Teaching
Intro to Our Ministry – Our Focus & Core Teaching20141216December 16, 2014Get Teaching
In Everything Give Thanks20141130November 30, 2014Get Teaching
The Search for the Doctrine of Grace20141123November 23, 2014Get Teaching
The Millennium & the Kingdom20141019October 19, 2014Get Teaching
The Six Matters Yahweh Hates…20140720July 20, 2014Get Teaching
Do You Trust Him Enough to Obey Him?20140615June 15, 2014Get Teaching
The 613 Commandments20140531May 31, 2014Get Teaching
If You Diligently Obey20140517May 17, 2014Get Teaching
From Egypt to the Promised Land20140423April 23, 2014Get Teaching
Passover Q & A20140316March 16, 2014Get Teaching
Developing the Character of Yeshua20140301March 1, 2014Get Teaching
Restoring Joy & Shalom20131221December 21, 2013Get Teaching
Story of Chanukah, The20131202December 2, 2013Get Teaching
Cling, Cleave, Hold Fast20130812August 12, 2013Get Teaching
Master, Teach Us to Pray20130705July 5, 2013Get Teaching
Rejoice20130404April 4, 2013Get Teaching
Why Do We Struggle with Our Growth?20130104January 4, 2013Get Teaching
Time to Re-dedicate Yourself20121218December 18, 2012Get Teaching
Making the Calendar Decision20121118November 18, 2012Get Teaching
Let Me Not be Ashamed20120912September 12, 2012Get Teaching
Learn & Teach the Torah20120820August 20, 2012Get Teaching
Yeshua, the Light of the World20120730July 30, 2012Get Teaching
Appointed Times of YHWH20120617June 17, 2012Get Teaching
Repentance20120605June 5, 2012Get Teaching
Remember the Sabbath Day20120522May 22, 2012Get Teaching
What Did Yeshua Do?20120514May 14, 2012Get Teaching
Do Not Do As They Do20120509May 9, 2012Get Teaching
Love and Torah20120423April 23, 2012Get Teaching
Follow the Pattern Exactly!20120306March 6, 2012Get Teaching
Tithing – Giving for Beginners20120229February 29, 2012Get Teaching
Forgiveness20120220February 20, 2012Get Teaching
Walk in All His Ways20120206February 6, 2012Get Teaching
Well Done, Good & Trustworthy Servant20111113November 13, 2011Get Teaching
Unity & Division in the Body of Believers20111026October 26, 2011Get Teaching
Yeshua, the Rock20111004October 4, 2011Get Teaching
The Armor of Elohim20110922September 22, 2011Get Teaching
Whose Eyes Are You Right In?20110724July 24, 2011Get Teaching
Walk Humbly with Your Elohim20110627June 27, 2011Get Teaching
Koshrut & Context20110615June 15, 2011Get Teaching
Do You Believe?20110615June 15, 2011Get Teaching
Endure…And Receive the Crown of Life20110615June 15, 2011Get Teaching
What Is Leaven?20110315March 15, 2011Get Teaching

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