The MTOI Academy is a Messianic, Hebrew-oriented, private school located in Cleveland, TN. It was established in 2018 and began enrolling students in May 2019. Rabbi Steve’s vision of creating an educational facility with a Torah-based culture and community, is finally being realized! The academy serves the Beth Shalom families of Bradley and Hamilton county Tennessee and enrolls children from toddler ages to 12th grade. The program offers a comprehensive academic environment with a specially adapted Torah curriculum. A blend of Montessori, traditional, and virtual learning options facilitate analytical thinking and problem solving where students learn from a multitude of experiences each day.

Currently, the toddler, preschool, and kindergarten students work in a complete Montessori classroom. The elementary program will expand to be a full Montessori program for 1st through 6th grade. All age groups enjoy time in the garden, art, cooking, and music classes, and participating in physical education, among many other activities. Lessons are taught in a variety of fashions such as student-led presentation and dialogue sessions, videos lessons, team collaboration, peer-to-peer tutoring, projects and experiments, individual reading and analysis, and discussion boards online for middle and high schoolers.

Middle and High school is always an exciting time for teenagers! The academy creates an atmosphere for teens to express themselves, learn how to interact with their peers, and prepare for adult life and college. They are challenged to learn good habits in studying, organizing, managing time, and learning how to serve the body. Teens also gain work experience as they do jobs around the Beth Shalom building, like helping Manny in the MTOI Marketplace.

Reading comprehension and writing composition skills are a top priority. This year the teachers and staff are emphasizing enhancements to the language curriculum with the addition of SRA’s, improved grammar, vocabulary, and spelling approaches, and an emphasis on structure in writing composition. Math, science, and history are equally important and are taught daily. Each year as the program moves forward, a section of the curriculum will be analyzed and rewritten to facilitate the building of a unique community and culture, while improving academic growth and practical life preparedness.

“Torah Time” has become the phrase for the special time designated for lessons taught about the Scriptures, feasts, servanthood, the Hebrew language, select traditions, individual halachah, character growth, and more. “Working together to serve the body,” is an inherent value to be passed to the next generation as this program seeks to raise up the youth, impacting their choice to be covenanted children of Abraham. Rabbi joins Torah Time periodically to share lessons and answer questions. At the middle and high school ages Rabbi’s teachings are taught on a deeper level with discussions, worksheets, and stories. In the coming school year 2020-21, Torah Time will be offered online as a virtual class for children to join!

The academy staff team is a cohesive group of teachers, parents, and volunteers who are committed to working with young people as they grow and develop. This team carefully plans each day to cultivate an environment where children learn to reach farther, dig deeper, and stand stronger to achieve what they didn’t think was possible.

MTOI Academy has partnered with a certified, private school umbrella which provides legal covering in the state of Tennessee. Compliance with all of Tennessee’s educational requirements is a top priority and is well maintained through the partnership with the private school. Any questions regarding accreditation can be answered by contacting Christine Glover, the Director of Education.

As part of Rabbi’s vision to serve the body in an educational capacity, Christine Glover works with Jorge Vera to help families obtain financial assistance and job counseling so their children can attend the academy. Jorge is the Director of Programs, Enterprise, and Innovation at MTOI and provides various forms of coaching and mentorship in collaboration with Rabbi Steve.

MTOI Academy has completed its first school year! The director and academy staff are thankful to everyone who has participated in this foundational year. Preparations for the upcoming school year 2020-21 are underway and enrollment is open. Please, contact Christine Glover ( , the Director of Education, for information about virtual classes, enrollment, financial assistance, and other details.