MTOI Academy is a Messianic, Hebrew-oriented, private religious school. Located in Cleveland, Tennessee, the academy was established in 2018 and began enrolling students in May, 2019.  MTOI Academy serves families in Cleveland, Tennessee and the greater Bradley County area, as well as those in Polk, McMinn and Hamilton Counties, offering a comprehensive Montessori education for children K-6th grade and a full 7-12 academic program.

MTOI Academy has partnered with a certified private school umbrella that provides legal covering in the state of Tennessee, and maintains membership with an independent accrediting organization. MTOI Academy operates in compliance with the educational requirements for the Tennessee Department of Education, providing superior curriculum and educational materials all within a healthy support structure to ensure our students are successful in their education.

MTOI Academy uses select A Beka materials, providing the most up-to-date content and best practices in textbooks and curriculum. The academic integrity and overall quality of the  curriculum has been validated by the success of hundreds of thousands of students over decades, who consistently score above national averages on standardized tests and on college entrance exams.

Our staff consists of dedicated teachers and parents who monitor progress and learning each day. In addition to academics, our program emphasizes tangible life-skills like collaboration, problem solving, self-expression, time management and goal-based planning with multiple paths of study, allowing each student to select the path that best fits their unique goals, talents, and passions. The results are highly motivated, socially-adjusted, and academically-inspired children who quickly develop a love of learning that will last for a lifetime.

Our students, parents, and staff form an interactive and caring base, working together to create a community which encourages and facilitates the academic, social, and emotional growth of the whole child. Parents contribute by preparing materials, chaperoning, and presenting aspects of their world to students throughout the year.  This emphasis on parental involvement is a key component of our program.  In addition, our active ministry offers opportunities for trips, gatherings, fellowship and social interaction outside school hours.

It is understood that children learn in various styles and often have learning and medical challenges that have to be considered and addressed in order to facilitate their individual needs and any special education requirements. MTOI Academy provides a supportive community that understands these struggles; that each child is a unique learner and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving educational goals through a single curriculum, or educational therapy.

The Director of Education is experienced and knowledgeable in supplementing materials to reach diverse learning styles and is trained to identify situations that might need further evaluation by medical professionals, in psychology, speech pathology, physical and occupational therapy. Our program works hand-in-hand with these related therapies and their providers to address the learning needs of each student with an outcome based solutions concept.

MTOI Academy, with the support of MTOI, it’s staff, volunteers, and through ministry financial support, private donations, and educational grants, provides parents with resources, training opportunities, support, information, and encouragement that enables a student to reach their full potential as aspiring students and future adults.

For questions or additional information, please contact:

Christine Glover