MTOI Ladies Ministry Cookbook 1st Edition – E-Book



The M.T.O.I. Ladies Ministry is excited to announce that its premier cookbook has been finalized and published! This cookbook has been tailored to meet the needs of its M.T.O.I. family. This wonderful cookbook features 120+ recipes submitted by the ladies - recipes that meet the Scripturally defined Torah pertaining to clean and unclean foods. In addition, the cookbook features a 30+ main entree meal plan with the page numbers of the correlating recipes to help make getting dinner on the table even easier. We are including symbols so that you know what to look for when grocery shopping and a list of problematic ingredients so you can be on guard. We are so excited about this opportunity to minister to the ladies of the extended M.T.O.I. family. We are offering the cookbook for $12. Price includes shipping (for domestic U.S. orders)*. You can also pick up your cookbooks during the feasts if attending.

Be sure to get a copy for yourself and for your friends and family too!