Proverbs Children’s Book


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We are excited to offer a fun, custom children’s book written using the Scriptures and animated in a fun and friendly way to help teach key concepts using the Proverbs. The bright and colorful book features a soft cover and 33 full color photo pages featuring various verses from the Proverbs. The overall size of the book is 9” wide and 7” tall. Each charming character was specially designed and created to help teach 11 special words, highlighted in red for easy identification. (Please note: the M.T.O.I. watermark will not appear in the printed version of the book.)

This charming book was created as part of the educational program for the Y.M.T.O.I. Ministry and was taught at Sukkot 2016. Y.M.T.O.I. represents the Young Messianic Torah Oberservant Israel ministry for the Katan (5-12 year old) and Gadol (13-19 year old) members of M.T.O.I.