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Tekiah Select™ Shofars are the best shofars on the market - guaranteed. In 2010, Rabbi Berkson launched Tekiah Select™ Shofars with one goal: to equip others with exceptionally beautiful, high quality Shofars. Rabbi Berkson is a classically trained trumpet player and has been blowing the Shofar for more than four decades. He knows how to differentiate between a poor or average Shofar and a Shofar that meets the highest quality expectations for beauty and sound found in a Tekiah Select™ Shofar. Rabbi Berkson has blown the Shofar in the Synagogue on the Holy Days and has trained many others to do the same in their own Synagogues. It has been his experience that the majority of the Shofars that are sold today, while beautiful to look at, simply do not produce a very good sound. Instead of a melodic range of notes, poor quality Shofars sound weak, barely capable of producing two or three notes. Purchasing a Shofar from most suppliers means receiving the size you ordered without regards to sound. In other words, the supplier has no idea how good it is or what it sounds like, and neither do most Shofar purchasers. Tekia Select™ Shofars do things very differently.

Each Shofar is personally selected and tested from an Israeli importer. All of the Shofars (usually around 80-100) are personally examined and blown. On average, only one out of every 20 to 30 tested meet our exacting standards. To put that into perspective, buying a Shofar from anyone else means you have about a four percent chance of getting a great Shofar. Why take the chance? Instead, invest in a Shofar that you know is a high quality instrument that will last for years to come. Nothing compares to the melodic range of notes that a Tekiah Select™ is capable of producing.

All Tekiah Select™ Shofars:

  • Are personally selected and tested by Rabbi Berkson;
  • Produce at least five* harmonic notes;
  • Resonate clearly and crisply;
  • Produce a strong and loud Tekiah Select™ approved blast;
  • Have unrestricted airflow;
  • Will be played for you over the phone prior to you making your purchase.

*It will take some practice to obtain a range of notes.

Our pricing is listed below, by size, and you can directly purchase a shofar from us. In an effort to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your Tekiah Select™ Shofar, orders are handled personally by Rabbi Berkson. This means that you have the option of contacting Rabbi Berkson regarding any question or concerns that you may have. He will even take the time to play the shofar for you, over the phone, so that you can hear its beautiful sound. The number of Shofars that we have available at any one time varies significantly due to our exacting standards. Our shofars are extremely popular around the feasts, so be sure to order yours in advance to ensure availability!

It is our recommendation that every Shofar have a durable, padded bag for storage and transportation purposes. If you purchase your Shofar bag from us, we will waive the shipping fees. The bags we offer are padded and made of a very durable material, similar to that used in the manufacture of backpacks. Our bags feature handles, a shoulder strap, and three sets of interior velcro strips to safely and securely fasten your Shofar inside. Our bags are embroidered with "For the trumpet shall sound". It is important to have the right sized bag for your Shofar. Regardless of where you purchased your Shofar, we will help you to protect it. You may purchase the bag separately or with your shofar.

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