SIN – A Breach of Relationship

Put away whatever you may think about the concept of sin. All Judeo-Christian groups teach about sin. They all agree and teach you that you ought not to sin. But do they understand what they are teaching?

In this teaching series, Rabbi Steve Berkson once again redefines our lexicon. He sheds new light on this greatly misunderstood but critically important topic from the Word of Elohim.

00:00 Intro
04:51 The Launching Point and definitions
14:25 The Covenant – a relationship with Elohim (Exodus 19)
18:27 All sin has consequences (Romans 6:23)
19:45 The being that sins shall die (Ezekiel 18)
27:02 Own your life
32:39 This is how to be declared right
39:37 What merits the favor? (Ephesians 2:5)
41:53 Other consequences are referred to as the curses (Deuteronomy 28)
49:50 If you seek Yahweh and diligently obey His voice
56:02 A relationship with set expectations
01:02:55 Elohim will not be mocked (Galatians 6:7)
01:04:43 Somebody to stand in the breach (Ezekiel 22:25-31)

Watch the Afterburn here

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