The Good & Trustworthy Servant | Part 14 | Trustworthy

In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 25, verse 21, as Messiah Yeshua told a parable, He used the phrase, well done, you good and trustworthy servant. What does that look like? Who was he talking about? How can you be that kind of servant?

00:00 Intro / We trust because we know
05:49 1 John 1:9 – Trustworthy and right
10:58 Don’t play games with the language
14:55 The Truth is something you do
21:46 To all the “Messianic teachers” out there…
26:46 If we walk in the Light, then…
31:48 Making Yahweh out to be a liar
39:07 1 John 2 – For all the world?
41:25 By this we know…
45:58 Making yourself out to be a liar?
50:17 Stay in Him – walk as He walked
01:02:23 Revelation 1:5 – Messiah, the trustworthy witness
01:05:00 Psalm 19:5 – The Torah is perfect and trustworthy
01:11:00 There is reward in guarding the Torah
01:13:04 Presumptuous ones

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