The Good & Trustworthy Servant | Part 17 | Trustworthy

In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 25, verse 21, as Messiah Yeshua told a parable, He used the phrase, well done, you good and trustworthy servant. What does that look like? Who was he talking about? How can you be that kind of servant?

00:00 Intro
01:20 What can you expect if you are trustworthy – Psalm 31:23-24
08:03 Revelation 2:10 – The crown of life
16:19 Revelation 2:10 – Not harmed by the Second Death
17:42 Revelation 3:5 – A name in the Book of Life and a white robe
23:12 Psalm 119:66 – Trustworthy in what?
26:59 Isaiah 28:16 – Trust in the Cornerstone
36:20 Titus 1:7 – Trusting the Vertical Structure
44:40 2 Timothy 2 – Entrusting trustworthy men in the fellowship
01:05:20 What are stupid questions?
01:17:00 One who trusts will apply the knowledge received
01:25:21 What’s wrong with the Body of Messiah?

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