The Good & Trustworthy Servant | Part 9

In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 25, verse 21, as Messiah Yeshua was telling a parable, He used the phrase, well done, you good and trustworthy servant. What does that look like, what is he talking about, and how can you be that kind of servant?

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00:00 Opener
00:20 Intro
02:39 James 3:17 – The wisdom from above is…
09:52 Ready to obey?
17:44 Without partiality and hypocrisy
19:21 James 3:1 – Not many should be teachers
32:09 We need an Ephesians 4:11 filled Sanhedrin
35:06 What’s really controlling your tongue?
43:26 James 3:13 – Your works reveal your wisdom
47:49 James 3:15 – That’s still teaching!
56:27 Demonic
01:03:22 Teachers creating division in the Body?
01:11:15 Find Him

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