Video Teachings




The Heart of the Matter



The Appointed Times of Yahweh




Are You Covenanted?




Are You Listening?





Are You Saved?





Baptism of Fire






Beware False Prophets






Covenant Community 101







Darkness & Light






Developing the Character of Yeshua







Discovering Your Identity






Divorce, Remarriage & Putting Away







Do You Know the Father and the Son?






Do You Trust Yahweh Enough to Obey Him?







Endure and Receive the Crown of Life






Fear of Yahweh







Forgiveness, Resolution, Reconciliation & Restoration






Get Out the Leaven







Holidays, Holy Days, & Traditions






Honor & Shame







Leaving Egypt






Love & Torah







Making Decisions…The Reason You Exist






Making the Calendar Decision







No Other Name






Peace in a World Not His







Pesach / Passover Q&A






Peace in a World Not His







Pidyon Haben (The Legend of the Coin)


























Shuva Yisra’el






The Millennium and The Kingdom







The Pursuit of Righteousness






The Sound of the Shofar













To He Who Overcomes







Understanding the Ruach / Spirit






Unity & Division in the Body







What Are You Thinking?






What Is Worship?







Where Are We Going?






Who Will Dwell?