In The Zone | December 2022 | Part 1

On the first Shabbat of the month Rabbi Steve Berkson opens the floor to the local congregants and those listening online to ask questions or make comments about any aspect of our belief.

Rabbi Berkson addresses topics about fundamental Torah-based practices, personal development, gives marital instruction, shares parental techniques and more.

Part 1:
00:00 Intro
01:43 Yahweh wants to know what kind of decision maker you are
25:55 Living is hard and none of us have it figured out
32:02 Attachments in life
39:37 How do I serve an unseen God?
45:16 Everlasting punishment and everlasting life? (Matt 25:46)
57:16 Is there anything to the power of speaking words?
01:03:43 How do I discern whether a situation in my life is a trial/test or not?

Watch part 2 here,

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