In The Zone | February 2023 | Part 2

Watch part 1 here

On the first Shabbat of the month, Rabbi Steve Berkson opens the floor to the local congregants and those listening online to ask questions or comment about any aspect of our belief.

Rabbi Berkson addresses topics concerning fundamental Torah-based practices and personal development, gives marital instruction, shares parental techniques, and more.

Part 2:
00:00 Why can’t I make friends here?
11:59 Abortion: Health related vs. emotional/social decisions
17:13 Am I breaking Torah to eat that egg?
22:38 Is Elohim ever expanding and becoming greater?
26:31 Not all pain is the same
29:22 I’m balanced in my personality colors
34:11 What is passive vs. active commerce on Shabbat?
37:49 Doe’s ‘not eating blood’ apply to organ meat?
46:14 Motivated by the potential
51:57 How do I stay vertically connected on Shabbat if I’m not emotional?
58:12 What if I can’t call Him Father when I pray?

… and much more!

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