In The Zone | March 2023 | Part 2

On the first Shabbat of the month, Rabbi Steve Berkson opens the floor to the local congregants and those listening online to ask questions or comment about any aspect of our belief.

Rabbi Berkson addresses topics concerning fundamental Torah-based practices and personal development, gives marital instruction, shares parental techniques, and more.

Part 2:
00:00 Some of your relationships could be destroyed
19:50 How do I respond to Jewish family who want disprove Yeshua as Messiah?
29:04 Romans 5:13 – Which Torah was Paul referring to?
29:57 When is it not appropriate to wear tzitzit?
32:58 What about Torah-ambiguous medical procedures?
37:23 Matthew 5:39-42 – Called to be a “doormat”?
48:52 What about the ‘other books’ mentioned in the Bible?
50:38 Psychology, astronomy, and the occult – aren’t these a part of personality tests?
58:56 What are the “lights” found in Genesis 1:4 & 1:18?
01:00:40 Regarding Deut 25:11, what about self-defense for women?

… and much more!

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