In The Zone | May 2023 | Part 2

On the first Shabbat of the month, Rabbi Steve Berkson opens the floor to the local congregants and those listening online to ask questions or comment about any aspect of our belief.

Rabbi Berkson addresses topics concerning fundamental Torah-based practices and personal development, gives marital instruction, shares parental techniques, and more.

Part 2:
00:00 Intro
00:34 Anything wrong with acupuncture for therapy?
00:55 Cross-contamination of food when eating out
06:13 What is the definition of ‘whore’ in 1 Corinthians 6:9?
08:58 Effeminate men and toxic masculinity in our society
13:15 Can we focus on the mechanics of Torah and miss the mark spiritually?
15:15 Can we all be as one no matter what teacher we are under?
20:30 Children practicing Torah, or not, in a split family
23:44 Can I be Torah-observant and a political activist?
32:47 Where did the idea of selling your soul to Satan originated?
34:33 Who were the Levitical priests allowed to marry?
35:50 How do we keep ourselves from complacency?
40:21 Does MTOI do a second Pesach/Unleavened Bread?
42:50 How will the Third Temple affect our walk as Messianic believers?
46:18 What is the proper way to interact with the mezuzah?

… and much more!

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